There are many types of financial accounts, products, and investments. It can be confusing. Informed decisions about your future are best made after an assessment of your individual needs. That's why we offer a free consultation.

Here are some areas we may be able to offer help:

  • Investments
  • Insurance
  • Retirement Planning
  • Mineral Management / Royalty Owners
  • Managing Your Finances
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Charitable Giving

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning today has taken on many new dimensions that never had to be considered by earlier generations. A person who turns 65 today could be expected to live as many as 20 years in retirement as compared to a retiree in 1950 who lived, on average, an additional 15 years.


Investments play a key role in your financial plan. We offer a wide array of traditional and non-traditional investments that can help you achieve your goals.